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Why Wellbeing is the hot topic in 2018

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Why Wellbeing is the hot topic in 2018 for the events industry

The mental health charity Mind completed research last year finding that one in six workers experience anxiety and depression. Work is becoming the number one stress over financial worries. It’s no wonder that wellbeing is businesses’ hot topic for 2018.

As an employer in the events industry, I find it can often be easier to discuss wellbeing rather than health or mental health as issues. In fact, with my team, by concentrating on wellbeing I find those issues rarely occur because individuals feel valued, relaxed and positive. Of course, we work in a stressful environment having to deliver fantastic experiences for our clients and their guests but giving my team the tools to cope with times of heightened activity means that they don’t experience burn out.

So, why should venues follow the wellbeing trend?

Whereas it once may have been a point of difference for venues to offer a varied menu, quiet zones and relaxation packages, it’s becoming expected from many corporate bookers. Guests expect to have their wellbeing considered on a whole new level nowadays.

It’s your staff’s wellbeing which should really now be the focus. Imagine the reduction in sick days, the customer service satisfaction rating soaring and improved team environment if you invested just a little time in to wellbeing at work. I can tell you from experience that the results are phenomenal.

Here’s a few simple ways to engage staff

  • Complete one regular task when you first get up that makes you feel good – make the bed, spend 5 minutes reflecting on all the good things in life, run up and down the stairs 10 times. Completing a daily goal first thing in the morning gives you a sense of achievement to carry throughout the day.
  • Keep a note pad and pen handy at all times – once you’ve written something down, your mind will be clear to concentrate on the most immediate need. It’s amazing how this can improve work rate!
  • Download a calming app – the sound of waves on a beach or birds in the countryside – whatever will create a calming oasis for a timeout. Every person is due breaks at work so make sure you take them and do something to switch off for 5 minutes.

And don’t forget to do these yourself – it’s transformed my daily work life and transferred into my personal life too!