How to choose an event agency who specialises in your sector

If you Google “Event Agency London” it comes up with over 10 pages of recommendations and 7 paid ads, just on the first page! If this has you feeling overwhelmed and asking yourself ‘how do I pick the right one?’ – we suggest a good place to start is with an event agency that specialises in your sector. 

Do your research 

Most agencies will have 3-5 sectors that they specialise in, this could include corporate events, exhibitions or luxury incentive trips – just to name a few.

You will generally be able to find this information on most event agency websites, where they will provide a detailed description of services they provide. Before you start diving deep into more about the company, make sure they offer the service you are looking for. 

Then, have a look to see if they offer pictures of previous events on their website or social media. Do they have awards that they have won or client testimonials? Picking an events agency with proven success and results will always benefit you. 

Create a pitch opportunity 

This may be one of the most important parts of selecting the right agency. You need to pick an agency that understands what you are wanting to achieve and the best way to ensure this is by inviting agencies to pitch! 

Provide a brief of what you want to achieve out of the event and invite them to create a pitch. It is also helpful to ask for case studies to see detailed examples of previous work the agency has completed. 

A pitch can be as simple as inviting them into your office with a presentation or even having them submit a presentation. 

The agency should be prepared, having conducted their own research and be able to demonstrate a wider understanding of your event, the business brand and the industry in which you operate. 

It is also important that you get a sense of company culture and assess if this aligns with your own.


Through conducting your research and inviting event agencies to pitch, you should now have an idea if the agencies understand your requirements and if you think that they can achieve it successfully. 

So, what comes next?  

Compare cost between agencies and remember, simply because one is this cheaper, this does not mean they are the best option! 

Have a look at what each agency is offering in-depth and take into consideration who has the most understanding of your objectives and business brand.

Using an event agency that doesn’t specialise in your event type can often mean a lack of experience and understanding into the requirements that go into planning the event, a limited understanding about what budget it can take to put on the event, and missing the true objective or target audience of your event.

Be sure to take your time to do your research, create a pitch opportunity and compare to see who you think can provide the best service for your business!

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